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About Us

This interracial dating site literally is a labor of love, a love we seemed destined to not only share but spread.
The idea of an intercultural dating site first popped into our heads when after our marriage was first announced in the local newspapers in Jamaica. Random persons would come up to our mothers enquiring about whether or not Jens had any brothers. Apparently the union between a German and a Jamaican was not looked on as strange, but simply unattainable based on the ratio of Europeans in Jamaica. We quickly laughed at the idea of Jens having 5 brothers, so as to make at least five more girls happy. Time passed and the requests of hook-ups increased by our female and even male friends. But all of Jens’ friends were already taken and we quickly placed match making out of our prospects.


In December of 2012, we decided that it would be a great idea to create a page on Facebook that showcased "our kind of love", intercultural and interracial that is. To this point, we hadn’t ever met up on any opposition but when we visited other European cities, coming home to us being one of the handful of mixed race pairs in our city made us feel lonely. We figured that there must be a couple of others like us…  And boy, were we surprised.


A little over six months after we started the page we sailed past the 20,000 members mark on Facebook and we had literally been bombarded by letters not only from our LCB singles but also friends and family members of singles about building a similar platform for color blind and culturally sensitive singles from all around the world. This seemed to not be a difficult concept to envision because our studied fields and professions are incidentally Psychology and Information Technology (a match made in heaven for any dating site). Furthermore persons from all around the world were begging to have a platform that was actually really involved in trying to help form intercultural and interracial long term relationships, not hook ups. Many sites claim to specialize in this, but few actually really do, most are run by big corporations or are a part of an affiliate program. They see the consumer as just a part of an untapped yet exploitable market – at LCB we are a part of that market.
We are an intercultural, interracial and international couple who built this site solely for you and others willing to not only live outside of the box, but love. If you believe that geographical borders, pigmentation, sex or religion shouldn’t determine who you spend the rest of your life with, you are in the right place.


In addition to that we are doing a few things differently from other dating sites. For example:

  • Love Crosses Borders is not only an interracial dating site, but also a huge community with literally thousands of international, intercultural, interracial couples and families. Our forums, groups and Facebook pages are an endless resource for advice and help.
  • LCB is not part of an affiliate program. Nor are we planning to have our own affiliate program. The majority of pages out there is part of affiliate programs, and yes, they have thousands of, more or less active, profiles, but many of the pages share the same databases. If you’re a member of LCB you’re a member of LCB. End of story. We will not share your data with other dating sites.
  • We put special focus on having profile fields that suit a global and diverse audience.
  • We are open for everyone on the globe. Except for scammers, of course.
  • We are strict about abuse of the site, spam, harassment, racism or other misconduct. And we will not hesitate to ban users who misbehave.
  • We will try to keep the site as clean as possible, by checking all profiles, throwing out fake or dead profiles, kicking out trolls, spammers or misbehaving members, offering picture and ID verification and making communication only available for serious, i.e. paying, members.
  • We do not display any advertisement to premium members. Except maybe for our own LCB promotions and events. ;)
  • We offer payment through Western Union for those who cannot pay with other payment methods like credit cards or PayPal.
  • The membership subscription plans on LCB are non-recurring – in contrast to other sites that lure you into recurring subscriptions that keep on charging you if you don’t cancel on time. On LCB you pay for what you want and get what you want, not less, and especially not more. If you don’t renew your subscription on time your membership is simply being set to “Free Member” again.
  • We do not have a public search or quick search on the homepage, which non-members could use, unlike many other sites. Your profiles are only available to registered members, not to the public.
  • We will not publish your profile on Facebook without your consent. We ask you if we’re allowed to do so.


Also, we are constantly trying to improve the site and are very open to your feedback and ideas! Please don’t hesitate to contact us!


And now: Welcome to our page and have fun falling in love!


Jens and Lori Quast



Jens M. Quast (MBA, B.Sc. IS)
Jens has a Masters in Business Administration from the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the James Madison University in Virginia, USA. Before founding Computento he worked in Online-Media-Houses, as a Business Consultant and as a consulting freelancer.

Computento is an internet agency with expertise in the following areas: developing and maintaining websites, Content-Management-Systems, E-Commerce / Online-Shops, SEO, Online Marketing, Social Media, Android Apps and general programming.


Lori-Ann Quast (B.Sc. Psychology)
Lori studied Psychology with a minor in English at the Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica. She then moved on to working in Washington, DC, USA as a Socio-Therapist for one of the biggest Non-Profit Organizations in the State. She got accepted into Touro College in New York, USA to pursue her Masters in Counseling Psychology but moved to Düsseldorf, Germany before she could begin her studies. She works with her husband's firm Computento and is in charge of Social Media Marketing, Translating and Website Layout and Usability. She freelances at the local vocational college where she teaches Business and Conversational English in Düsseldorf. And she is a contributor to an online news publication, and has her own fashion blog and page on Facebook.