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So, you have wisely decided that color and culture shouldn’t dictate who you decide to date, but does your indifference stop there? What about the person’s education level? In today’s world, it’s a well-known fact that people marry individuals with similar education levels, but is that true with intercultural dating as well? The traditional theories about money (it is natural to assume that persons will have similar earning power, thus lowering money problems), similar lifestyle and family background (when children enter the picture, having the same core values are important) and education or career (couples who just happen to meet each other in class, or at work where a lot of people have the same level of education) have been the basis for decades. But is it really that basic when picking a life partner in today’s world?


Strangely enough though, in Journal of Human Capital, a Danish Gustaf Bruze, an economist, decided to look at Hollywood to do a study on actors’ marriages. Why actors?  As you would have noticed from various tabloids, they tend to, too, marry people with similar educational and job backgrounds. Is it because of similar earning power or lifestyle as well? Interestingly enough their earnings have absolutely nothing to do with their educational level. Directors don’t cast actors to work together in a movie together because of their PhDs (or diplomas), however they still managed to marry someone with similar educational backgrounds.


According to the results Bruze deduced that “men and women have very strong preferences for nonfinancial partner traits correlated with education.” He further stated: “And educational sorting would remain even if the tendency of men and women to work with colleagues of a similar educational background were to disappear or if the role of educational institutions as a meeting place for future husbands and wives were to disappear.”


Love Crosses Borders Interracial Dating site decided to include educational levels as part of the mandatory field when signing up to increase your chances of finding a partner with similar educational background, if that is important to you when choosing a future partner.