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The topic of “singledom” is always a hot one, especially in Christian circles. Several Christian women especially have a very detailed list of what they need Mr. Right to be. But does God actually care about your list?


He cares about you and whichever man that can help you grow as a human being, as a person – that’s his list, right there.


Then be around. Go to church socials, but just don’t limit yourself to your immediate area. If you feel scandalous about flirting a little to get the eye of other church singles after the sermon, there are plenty of Christians online, too.


There is this romantic notion that is associated with Christian women who think that they should be pursued, and that they are waiting on the Lord. God may not be calling you to date someone in particular, but that doesn’t mean that He has said to not date anyone at all. Remember dating doesn’t inevitably lead to sin. Dating, also, does not inevitably lead to marriage, it might and it might not, enter with a goal but an open mind. Many people refuse to get a cup of coffee with someone of the opposite sex for fear that this isn’t part of the grand plan, they had envisioned for themselves. Just because you agree to go on a date with someone does not mean they are the person you are going to marry. But you will always gain from meeting new people. Trust God but be proactive.


Just remember to not limit your search specifically to culture and race – try interracial dating!